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For all your Direct Mailing needs.
Under one roof. Close to 20 years of experience.

Direct Mailing is one of the most effective marketing channels when it comes to reaching your prospects and customers.

With the help of direct mail, you can easily distinguish your presence from your competition, create a personalized relationship with your target audiences, convey effectively your content-rich sales messages to your customers and consequently, increase your sales. 

In order to make your direct mailing projects a success, Postkom provides a broad range of specialized direct mail production services under one roof:

   • Campaign creation
   • Content and direct response copywriting
   • Specialized graphic design
   • Database management and analysis
   • Offset and digital printing of all direct mail materials
   • Envelope and polywrap production
   • Personalization
   • Automated envelope inserting
   • Automated polywrapping
   • Inkjet addressing
   • Manual handling
   • Postal delivery and coordination




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