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» Transactional Printing

Practical and reliable outsourcing for managing your transactional documents efficiently.

Printkom, one of our group companies, offers various production services to its clients that routinely need high volume printing (and further processing) of invoices, receipts, statements, contracts, financial reports etc. Among our clients in this group there are banks, insurance companies, pension funds, retail chains, e-commerce companies.


Services offered in this category are:

• Variable data printing: 
Formatting and printing of your transactional documents such as invoices, receipts, statements, late notices, collection letters, financial reports etc. that contain variable and personalized data destined to reach your clients and business partners.

• Envelope inserting: 
High speed and automated envelope inserting and further processing of your transactional documents.

• Distribution: 
Postal delivery, coordination and distribution management of your transactional documents.

• Online transactional services: 
Data preparation, formatting, sending, management and reporting of your transactional documents online.

• Printing of Accounting Books: 
Notary coordination, formatting, printing and perfect binding of your official accounting books such as ledgers and journals. This service is especially practical for companies that continually have to print accounting books with thousands of pages and need a managable and easy archiving system.

• Other variable data printing services: 
Formatting, printing and further processing of insurance policies, pension fund contracts, annual reports, education sets, debit notes etc. that also contain complex, variable and personalized data.


Items we routinely process under this category are:

 Invoices            Statements         Receipts

 Policies             Contracts            Debit notes
 Annual reports   Educational Sets   Product manuals
To find out how we can help you with your transactional document printing needs please contact our sales team on +90 212 549 00 88 or visit for further information.