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Your customers... more valuable than ever.

We live in an age of communication, to be more precise, in an age of one to one communication. With fierce competition in all areas of business, today your customers have become more valuable than ever. Therefore it is of highest importance that you always keep an up-to-date, clean and healthy customer database, in order to reach your target audiences directly through your marketing and sales activities.

Postkom is providing various database related services that allow you to establish better one-to-one communication channels with your customers and enhance your capabilities in utilizing your customer base more effectively.

Services we provide in the area of database management are:

   • Data entry
   • Database creation of your target prospects
   • Updating of your customer database
   • Database cleaning and deduplication
   • Address correction
   • Segmentation
   • Analysing of databases
   • Database creation for cross marketing projects
   • Formatting and designing of new databases

To find out how we can help you with your customer database management needs, please call our sales team on +90 212 5490088.