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» Fulfillment & Call Center Services

A single coordination center to reach all your clients.

You may be in need of various supporting services to complete your one-to-one communications with your customers.

As one-to-one, personalized communication will require constant flow of information, marketing materials and goods between you and your customers, you would like to make sure that all requests are responded systematically and on time.

ostkom offers various services that allow you to coordinate uninterrupted, fast and reliable response activities to cover all the requests coming from your direct communication, marketing and sales actions targeted towards your customers and business partners.

Services we provide in the area of fulfillment and response management are:

   • Call Center services
   • Production of printed campaign materials
   • Fulfillment, packaging and manual handling
   • Warehousing of materials and stock reporting
   • Routine processing of materials to your branches
   • Routine processing of materials to your customers
   • Coordination services for e-commerce companies
   • Printing of invoices, receipts and despatch notes

To find out how we can help you with your fulfillment needs, please call our sales team on +90 212 5490088.