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» Loyalty Card Solutions

To create loyalty with your customers.

Managing loyalty cards (loyalty programmes) is one of the most popular and attractive methods when it comes to following your customers and analysing their real-time relationship with you. They are also very effective in increasing your sales and turnover. 

Under one roof, Postkom offers various production and coordination services that allow you to realize, follow and continually improve your ongoing loyalty projects.

Services provided in the area of loyalty cards are:

   • Loyalty card production
   • Card personalization (thermal and/or embossed)
   • Magnetic stripe encoding
   • Tipping (Gold, silver, black)
   • Barcode ve 2D barcode printing
   • Card applications on printed materials
   • Card application on personalized forms, letters, postcards

   • Enveloping of loyalty cards with forms, letters etc.
   • Design and printing of card application forms, letters etc.
   • Design and production of envelopes
   • Data entry from card application forms
   • Cards stocking and routine processing during ongoing projects
   • Controlled distribution of cards to your branches
   • Controlled distribution of cards directly to your customers

If you are 
planning to start with the implementation of a new loyalty card programme or already managing one, Postkom will be happy to assist you with all your loyalty card production and coordination needs. Please contact our sales team on +90 212 549 00 88 for further information.